How We Did It

As an esteemed and dedicated litigation attorney, Janet Altschuler knows the importance of a strong digital presence. Recognizing her time and expertise are best positioned for the courtroom, Altschuler has entrusted Anchor Wave with her firm’s online marketing since 2014. 

Pairing a highly-leveraged campaign strategy with Janet Altschuler’s reputable services, Anchor Wave has elevated the practice’s visibility and pushed the firm far ahead of its competition. 

The tactics were two-fold: Build a clean, efficient site, and promote it using the latest digital marketing techniques. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the legal market, we were able to create a smart site that offered straight-forward material for potential clients, and a marketing plan that put the site in front of the right people. 

Through our partnership, we have produced quality traffic for Altschuler so that she can focus on her clients without the added pressure of marketing.



Janet’s digital marketing program has dramatically increased the number of potential clients finding her through search engines and visiting the site. The onsite optimization, coupled with our additional strategies has skyrocketed Janet’s traffic 194% over the past three years! The firm has also seen an increase in quality of traffic, with visitors staying on the site longer and viewing more pages.



Asserting market domination, Janet Altschuler adopted the additional strategy of paid advertising alongside her existing plan-of-attack. Through these tactics, she was able to get ahead of the competition by engaging more clients and doing more business. Expanding the brand’s awareness by reaching over 4,000 potential clients per month, a total lead growth of over 107% in the same timeframe.


Janet Altschuler’s digital marketing program is a prime example that demonstrates the power of multi-leveraged strategies. From establishing brand credibility through fresh, SEO optimized content the site is now revered as a reputable source for search engines. Employing advanced local reach tactics makes it even easier for clients to find the organization, make calls, visit the site and schedule appointments. Progressing into paid advertising, Janet was able to further strengthen her online presence by getting in front of all the right people when they really needed it. As an already reputable defense attorney, utilizing all of the digital marketing opportunities available to her in a specific, targeted market, has helped shaped the success of her practice, all without the added stress of doing it on her own.

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