How Can Customers Tell that Your Tucson Web Design Is Trustworthy?

Despite the prevalence of social media sites and the convenience of big search engines, customers still put a lot of stock in a company’s website as the most reliable source of information about that company. Therefore, your website should reflect a trustworthy image and reassure both potential and returning customers that they’ve made the right choice by working with your business. Here’s a look at the key components of a trustworthy website. 

Accurate Information

If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, then it may not be an accurate source of information about your business. For example, it may list inaccurate hours of operation, which could lead to frustrated customers showing up at your business after hours. Your name, address, and phone number should always be displayed prominently on your website, and that information should always be correct and current. Furthermore, you should always update information about the products and services your business offers. Add new pages as you add on new services and rotate out old information as it becomes obsolete. For example, a restaurant’s website should always display their current, seasonal menu for customers to see before they arrive.

Intuitive Design 

Even if all the information on your website is factually correct, it will be tough for customers to read it if it is not displayed well on your site. For example, if a customer needs to click through several pages to find the details they need, they may not think of your business as upfront and honest. Alternatively, if your site features an extremely outdated or basic design, customers may view that as a sign that your business is not doing well or lacks a professional edge. 

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Anthony Rivera